About Margaret 



Margaret was born in Milwaukee, WI  and raised in west central Wisconsin.   Her love of nature developed as a child when she and her siblings would spend hours playing in and exploring the wooded hills that surrounded their home.


"We ran wild during the summer leaving our house after breakfast in the morning and not returning until suppertime. We brought home 'treasures' from our excursions which I would eagerly try and draw.  Sometimes I was successful. 

Our parents supplied us with books so we could learn about the things we found and my Aunt Margaret supplied me with paper so I could draw.  I have been drawing ever since."



After graduating with an art degree my style evolved from working in a variety of media: oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylics and graphite.  I try to allow the characteristics of the medium that I am working with show through in my artwork.  As a result my naturescapes painted with acrylics will have a different look and feel than those done with watercolor.  This holds true for my portraits and wildlife paintings as well.  I love to use more than one medium in my work and often infuse my realism with impressionistic, surrealistic or abstract concepts.  



 I have worked in adult education for many years conducting classes throughout the state.  I accept commissions, paint for competitions and exhibits, and hold workshops.  I have produced artwork ranging from miniatures to murals and portraits to landscapes. 


My work in adult education broadened to include instructional television where I produced forty plus hours of painting.  In this series, titled "Painting With Acrylics," I included forty one-hour painting lessons that covered a wide variety of subject matter. 


My works have been included in many private and corporate collections and also selected for exhibit or permanent collection in distinguished galleries.